Adam Cobb PhD Student in Machine Learning



I am a PhD student in Machine Learning at the University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. Stephen Roberts and Prof. Andrew Markham.


My undergraduate master’s was in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. On the course I covered aspects of Information, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, finally ending up specialising in Information Engineering. My thesis focussed on detecting exoplanets (planets around other stars) in the Kepler Mission data consisting of three and a half years of observations.

Academic Interests


Outside my academic work I have a variety of interests and hobbies that I pursue. As an avid Chelsea fan, it is no surprise that my favourite sport is football, which I enjoy playing and watching. I also enjoy running, swimming, golf and tennis. I am a keen traveller and have had the fortune to visit some very interesting places and hope to continue this trend as much as possible. It is also a hobby of mine to keep up to date with the space industry and to make sure I am following current affairs. I also enjoy learning languages and am currently trying to learn Mandarin, having already reached a good level in German and an acceptable level in French (although a little rusty).

Note about the website:

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